Whether you're a rocker, metalhead, punk, or music fan who wishes to show your love for your favourite band, there's nothing better than a vintage band t-shirt. There's something about a vintage band t-shirt that makes it different from any other. It's been through a lot, and it's seen a lot of concerts. Been worn by people who love the music that you do.


But with so many options available, it gets tough to select the most popular, so, to help you out, below we’ve gathered some of the most popular women's rock band t-shirts, so check them out.


  • Pink Floyd's “The Division Bell” or “The Dark Side of the Moon”
  • One of the bands that made their  14th album, and the cover art made it to the top 100 t-shirt list. Pink Floyd, of course. Pink Floyd gave the world “The Division Bell” and its iconic image, and just like any other Pink Floyd image, it was also an unforgettable image. Then “The Dark Side of the Moon” comes the equally iconic triangle and prism logo. Even if you haven’t seen or possibly heard the album, there is no doubt that you will not recognise the cover. In short, the album and its images are iconic enough to miss.  

  • Green Day, “Dookie”, or “American Idiot”
  • In the heyday of the 1990s rock scene, the Album cover of Green day’s Dookie quite conjures. “When I Come Around” this album has put a lot of soon-to-be antiquated walkmen through the ringer. With a decade between “Dookie” and Green Day’s 2004 release of “American Idiot,” the album marked an ocean change for the band. It showed their adaptability to shift into the world of social commentary and more serious subject matter, shown clearly in their album covers and contents. 

  • Queen, “Freddie Mercury”
  • Queen has many UK singles to be on the top 50 list, ranked #52 in 2010 on Rolling Stone’ 100 greatest artists. The release of “the bohemian rhapsody revived old flames and brought frontman Freddie Mercury back to life in evocative detail. ”

  • Guns N’ Roses, “Appetite for Destruction”
  • The solo album of Guns N’ roses, “appetite for DEstruction”, was released in 1987. Although the album was slow to take off initially, the “Welcome to the Jungle” music video gave them the appropriate attention to its shun na, na, na, na.

  • David Bowie, “Aladdin Sane”
  • The Rolling Stone summed up the meaning of Aladdin Sane in a way only Rolling Stone could: “If by conventional lights Bowie is a lad insane,” Ben Gerson writes, “then as an Aladdin, a conjurer of supernatural forces, he is quite sane…The title's pun, alternately vaunted and dismissive, plays on his sense of discrepancy.” Musical poetry.

  • Led Zeppelin, “Icarus”
  • Icarus, the iconic image, was the selected image for Led Zeppelin’s record label logo-Swan Song Records. And this was their 11th and probably the last concert tour in the US. 

  • AC/DC Logo
  • Well, this band particularly does not need any introduction. Still, for those who live under the rock, AC/DC stands for “Alternating Current”/”Direct Current”, which is an Australian rock band and well, for those who are unaware of the band's music, their logo never goes unnoticed. 

  • Nirvana, “Smile” Logo
  • The Nirvana smiley was designed by the late Kurt Cobain in 1993 and is quite popular. 

  • The Rolling Stones “Tongue and Lips”, a.k.a. “Lick” Logo
  • The “Tongue and Lips” kissed the pinnacle of our list. This logo is instant brand recognition. In 1970, designed by John Pasche, this logo, as cited by experts, is one of the most dynamic and innovative logos ever created. 

    How to Wear Rock Tees

    Now that you’ve seen the different vintage bands and their hyped t-shirts, you must know how to style them. The trick is to find the middle ground and pick a t-shirt design that looks good and has no omnipresent design (think Queens’ Freddie, The Stones’ lips or the Nirvana smiley face).

    For the most part, it is best if you just stick with a white or black tee, for they look good with blue or black staple jeans, though you can also style them as you like. 


    Now that you have ample information about various kinds of bands and the tees available, you must search for your favourite band, add the t-shirt to the cart and style them as you like it. 

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