Different Ways To Style Band Tees

Different Ways To Style Band Tees

While fashion trends have their phase of staying or leaving,  come and go, the base of clothing stays the same. No matter the type, we need a rock top to go with our bottoms. Without variations, clothing wouldn’t be fun, right? That is why designers introduce something new, like band tops or rock and roll tops, to the runways season after season or bring back something old!

Despite the several trends, some are etched into our cultures and wardrobes. Let’s look at one of the most important and basic elements – tops! Yes, there are so many different ways you can style these women’s rock tops that will become the highlight of the event, concert, or even a casual outing. 

How you can pair women’s band tops with different styles?

Pants Outfits

Since women’s band tops are typically oversized, you can tie the bottom in a knot, tuck it in, or even just let it be loose, depending on the style you are going for! And bring out the oldest, most rugged, or the skinniest pant you own and try them with these tops. 

Skirt Outfits

A band top/tee paired with a skirt screams cool! We see more mini skirts. Since band t-shirts have logos printed, you can add a patterned or distressed skirts for flare. One can accessorize these looks with combat boots, sneakers, sandals, or even a baker boy's hat.

Shorts Outfits

You can style your denim shorts with a sassy band logo top, or if you own a pair of biker shorts, you can mix your long-sleeved top with this and make a rock outfit. And if not, you can bring out your crop top and pair it with the flowy shorts. 

Band Tee Over A Dress

Another experimental way to wear a band T-shirt is underneath a dress. Whether you’re styling a maxi dress or a minidress, this simple fashion hack adds another layer of style you can take on and off at any time.

Band Tee and Wide Leg Jeans Outfit

Another great way to wear your band T-shirt is to pair it with wide-leg jeans. This look can be more of a grungy, casual style, and it’s so cute and comfy. Grab an oversized flannel to layer over the top, or tie it around your waist for an extra grungy feel.

Blazer Outfit

Blazers are a huge trend this season, and they look amazing paired with band tees. You can add your favorite faux leather pants, jeans, and cool boots for a perfect night-out look. The rock chick style speaks, “I’ve made some effort,” while still managing not to look like it.

Under A Flannel Outfit

If you like layers, try wearing your band tee under a flannel. You don’t have to match exactly here. Choose any color that blends well with the top layer you have selected, or you can be quite experimental too.  

Mistakes To Avoid While Wearing Certain Things:
  • Wearing sharp accessories
    -How you’re doing it wrong: 

    Wear sharp accessories with clothes like knitted sweaters, frills, or fringes.

    -Why it’s wrong: 

    These accessories may get caught up in your clothes and cause snags or can even tear them. 

    -How to do it right: 

    Consider the type of clothes you wear, and then you can accessorize them accordingly. 

  • Trying too hard to fit into tight pants
    -How you’re doing it wrong: 

    Pushing yourself to fit into tight pants.

    -Why it’s wrong:  
    Digestive issues or heartburn can occur.

    -How to do it right:  

    Buy the correct size, or you can test it by putting two fingers between the fabric and back and checking once you have fully buttoned and zipped up the pants. If you can’t, you need to move one size up.

  • Wearing shorts that are too short and make you uncomfortable
    -How you’re doing it wrong: 
    Constantly pulling down your shorts because they keep riding up.

    -Why it’s wrong: 
    It may be a distraction and show more skin than you intended.

    How to do it right: 

    Try on the shorts you want before buying, and do squats to see if the length is comfortable.

  • Wearing tapered-toes shoes and  high heels too often
    -How you’re doing it wrong: 

    By wearing narrow-toed shoes or high heels daily.

    -Why it’s wrong: 

    Narrow-toed shoes can cause the foot to take on the shoe's shape and result in deformities like hammer toes and corns. High heels can result in knee pain and lower back pain.

    -How to do it right:

    Buy the right size, or you can forgo high heels when you need to do a lot of walking. 


There are different ways how women can style band tops without making any basic yet major fashion mishaps. So, grab your favorite band tops and style how you want, and don’t be shy to experiment with different styles. 

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