5 Amazing The Beatles merchandise to grab on

5 Amazing The Beatles merchandise to grab on

Most famous band in history

The Beatles are perhaps the most famous band in the history of all modern music.

Their lasting influence is visible not just in contemporary music but also in art and even in politics.

And why should it not be so? They redefined not just the music scene of their era but had a huge impact on the lives and times of people as self-styled prophets of love and peace during what were significantly turbulent times in the post-world-war scenario, reflecting in The Beatles merchandise.

In the spirit of the motto of the Liverpool Institute that McCartney attended as a young man – "non nobis solum sed toti mundo nati"; not for ourselves but for the whole world we are born; The Beatles rose to the stature of a band which played for the happiness and harmony of the whole wide world.

The Beatles soothed and anguished and bruised world

Although the influence of The Beatles was suspected by governments and questioned by conservatives, perhaps it would be short sighted to refrain from pondering over their contribution to calming frayed public nerves over a considerable period of time with their exquisite music and their philosophy of universal harmony.

Speaking of that, who can deny their unspeakable charisma and devilish charm?

Unspeakable charisma and devilish charm

The Beatles were probably the first ‘Boy band’ phenomenon that could send waves of hysteria not just among their female fans thanks to McCartney’s boy next door cuteness, but Lennon’s poetic and somewhat hermitic charisma made him naturally attractive to young men in dire need for a soul-searching pop messiah.

Meteoric rise

The unlikely coming together of the smooth, natural talent of Paul McCartney and the gritty, raw style of Lennon was a perfect recipe for much of the band’s early success, with the guitar smashing talent of the younger George Harrison in tow and the low profile excellence of Ringo Starr.

The Beatles ruled unchallenged while the magic lasted.

Unfortunate and sudden end

Of course who would have thought that this band would break up so tragically and irrevocably, on account of Lennon’s untimely death by freak assassination?

Decades have passed but the band’s grip over popular culture and music legends is unchanged. They have fans from all over the world, both new and old, and across all ages vying for The Beatles merchandise, just to secure their own place as an avid Beatles fan.

Over but not done

Which of their contemporaries can boast of such a feat? With the untimely passing of Lennon, it is amazing that The Beatles can still command such a fan following in absentia even in an era where you have to be seen to make a selling.

There is never going to be a Beatles Reunion Tour vigorously promoting sales via Beatles accessories, and obviously they are not going to any make headlines as in the old days. However if you take one look at how popular and timelessly in demand their Beatles band merchandise is you will be surprised at the longevity of their legend and their enduring cult in public memory.

While there is an exhaustive list of their memorabilia which has been in vogue for years now, some of their merchandising artefacts are way more popular with fans than others.

You can pick any of these at Paradiso Clothing and be sure to get a genuine merchandise product that you could make your own personal, The Beatles talisman.

5 Amazing The Beatles merchandise to grab on from the Paradiso Clothing store are right there waiting for you. However let us give you a heads up - you should be prepared to get one or get them all, because once you lay your eyes on them you are bound to lust after more than one of these amazing Beatles Merchandise whose appeal defies the passage of time.

1. The Beatles Love Me Do white Boxed Mug: If there is one thing The Beatles never had to ask for, it was to be loved. Their generous charm got them enough fan loving to last many a lifetime and beyond. With this Beatles merchandise mug you can proclaim your love anew to this legendary Rock and Roll group or gift it to someone yet untouched by the Beatles magic- although – is that possible? Don’t even think so.

2. The Beatles T Shirt Drop T White band Logo Unisex Grey slim fit Burnout: This Unisex T shirt is the perfect gift for your special someone, especially as it is unisex. The Beatles would approve of sharing the love and the T shirt because all you need is love.

3. The Beatles I Still Love The Beatles Metal Pin badge: Yes, we still love The Beatles, don’t we? Pin your love to your person with this badge and never let go of the Beatles mania till your last breath. Who knows how many new fans you might end up creating with this small but significant conversation starter of a Beatles merchandise piece?

4. The Beatles T Shirt drop t band Logo Men’s Vintage Finish Black: Nothing can beat the casual vibe and cool comfort of a classic black tee with blue jeans. Make the style your own with this vintage Beatles T shirt straight from the shelves to your address for a great price at Paradiso Clothing. Add white kicks and a denim jacket and there you go outfitted like Lennon in his later day.

5. The Beatles Men’s T Shirt Black Meet The Beatles band logo: The iconic logo in the 70’ font is an unmistakable Beatles staple that will get you noticed without making a loud statement. The understated cool of this shirt is all thanks to the Rockstar legend that the Beatles shall forever remain, no matter how many Biebers and Sheerans pass us by. You know that, right? Just look at the image on this cool tee – the iconic photograph clicked by none other than the great Photographer Robert Freeman in August 1963.

The musical genius of the Beatles is timeless and enduring. It is classic and it is a valuable, intangible cultural heritage belonging not just to their motherland but to the whole of humanity.

Holding a Beatles merchandise in your hand is your chance to forge your own place in that hall of fame that belongs forever to this sensational band that changed everything the music scene had ever encountered before their arrival. Go ahead, dip your fingers in some fan love with a piece of original Beatles merchandise to call your own.

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