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10 The Beatles merchandise that the fans will love

Could you imagine a world without the fab four?

Danny Boyle did and in his film Yesterday, imagining a world without The Beatles. Not surprisingly at all he didn’t find many takers for it.

Seriously what would pop culture look like without The Beatles? Forget what it would look like, would music even have such a big space in it without the path carved out by The Beatles? Doubtful at best.

The Beatles cannot be beat

Sure The Beatles may be charged with not being the most original, for tying together elements of their contemporaries’ style and content to make it their own, uniquely exquisite and wildly popular pop form. However when you look at the rise of the beat generation led by Allen Ginsberg from the mid 1950’s up to the late 1970’s, you cannot deny the contribution of The Beatles in creating widespread acceptance and providing public currency to the disgruntlement evident in the post war mood around the whole of the western world at that time.

The Beatles – A tour de force

You cannot deny that they accomplished a tour de force, unifying the hundred headed serpent of their contemporary pop culture scenario into one single coherent cultural zeitgeist. Whether it was visual art or music, The Beatles lent pop art and music a larger canvas and a larger purpose. Hence, they are credited with giving it a definitive voice and momentum.

Led by McCartney and Lennon they were not just a bunch of great song writers but also astute when it came to the business side of their craft.

The Beatles Merchandise -

Naturally they were quick to realise the potential of promotional The Beatles merchandise as well and jumped the bandwagon of this new promotional trend before most other bands.

So massive was their impact on popular culture, and the contemporary socio-political milieu that now, even decades after the band was broken up by the untimely killing of John Lennon, The Beatles merchandise has lost none of its popularity.

Considering that most band merchandise becomes quickly obsolete when a band begins to lose its ability to make headlines, The Beatles memorabilia and merchandise are exceptional in that they refuse to go out of demand or to become cheap commodity. All of this is simply owing to the timeless and unfaltering appeal of this iconic band of four, and all that their music, their lifestyle and their public image contributed to the world.

Huge legacy of The Beatles merchandise

Unsurprisingly there is a huge legacy of The Beatles merchandise that fans love and hanker after. Whether it is a T shirt or an original Beatles vinyl, they want a piece of their beloved band to have something tangible that embodies their emotional connection with The Beatles – something special that says – I was there, and I saw it all unfold.

Who are we kidding here…? You probably already have a choice piece or two of the Beatles merchandise and are simply looking to grow your collection. So what is it going to be this time? And most importantly how did you start collecting? Was it recently or early on in The Beatles’ career?

Whatever be the case, whether you are a first time collector or a regular Beatles merchandise buyer, whether you are buying for yourself or for a friend, you are sure to find something great here in the Paradiso Clothing collection of The Beatles merch for the 10 best The Beatles merchandise that fans will love –

1. The Beatles T Shirt Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Band Logo Men’s Grey: This grey T shirt with the foursome dressed in their bright band costume from their eighth studio album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely-Hearts Club Band” that received much critical acclaim is a sure-fire cheer upper for a dull day. Pick it up to soothe your mood on all the cloudy days.

2. The Beatles Men’s T Shirt White Let it Be Album Stencil band logo The Beatles T Shirt drop t band Logo Men’s Vintage Finish Black: The easily recognisable logo of the Band which mainly comprises their band name, graces this White tee and makes it an easy to pair choice with any kind of jeans. Pick it up especially when you really need a break from the chaos and to let it be.

3. The Beatles - With The Beatles Album Greeting Card any occasion: An iconic image of the group taken by Photographer Robert Freeman in August 1963 is well preserved in public memory. Pick this card to surprise a fellow fan or to just to remind your self of the sheer youthful magnetism of this group in their youth.

4. The Beatles Sgt. Pepper Logo Mini Pin Badge: Pin this The Beatles merchandise badge to anything you like, your lapel, your backpack, handbag your shirt or even your sneakers as the fashion goes. However once you get out in public wearing this The Beatles accessories- interesting pin, chances are you will no longer be lonely for want of attention.

5. The Beatles White Iconic Image 76mm x 76mm Fridge Magnet: Or you could choose to have an image of The Beatles anywhere you like with this fridge magnet printed with another of their iconic poses, when they were at the height of their popularity.

6. The Beatles T Shirt Abbey Road Crossing Band Logo Apple Men’s Black: This vintage Beatles T shirts sports perhaps the most recognised group photo shot by late Scottish photographer Iain Macmillan is world music history. Get this cool black T shirt and let the conversation flow.

7. The Beatles T Shirt Tittenhurst Table Band Logo Men’s White: One of their last photos to be taken as a group together by a onetime prolific American rock photographer Ethan Russel, it sets the mood of this white tee. A grim reminder of how close the group was to breaking up had not Lennon died soon after, but nonetheless reminiscent of the last moments of their unparalleled collaboration.

8. The Beatles Mug Drum Band Logo Black 16 fl oz Matt Engraved Boxed: A cool memorabilia mug to sip your tea, come rain or shine.

9. The Beatles Abbey Road Crossing Keychain Keyring: Get this iconic image embossed in steel on this cool keyring, perfect also to find your way to a true-blue fan’s heart when gifted.

10. The Beatles Vest Yellow Submarine Women’s Skinny Fit Top: Something for the ladies, they can wear their love for the band with pride and do it in true feminine style with this cool tank from The Beatles t-shirt women’s collection.

Which one of these caught your eye? For sure there is more than one of these cool The Beatles merchandise that you are going to want to own.

We get it. That is just how deep the love runs for the awesome foursome!

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