10 Coolest Iron Maiden merchandise products

10 Coolest Iron Maiden merchandise products

The Iron Maiden have always been the classic British act -scruffy, hairy, loud and turning iron into gold with their prolific progressive rock oeuvre and touring.

Led by founding lyricist and bassist Steve Harris and Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers, as its guitarists, energetic vocalist and jetsetter Bruce Dickinson and drummer Nicko McBrain, the Iron Maiden are one of the few bands whose fan base is still growing more than 40 years after they began their journey.

Eddie- the emblem of blazing hard rock glory

Their iconic mascot ‘Eddie’ The Head, their emblem of blazing hard rock is as loved as ever with fans clambering to sport Iron Maiden merchandise products to claim their slice of the band’s steadfast greatness. In fact all their studio albums have featured Eddie on the cover and not the members themselves. “We don’t want to be recognised really, except for what we do…” as Dickinson once asserted in an interview to the Telegraph almost a decade ago.

Consistent – not monotonous

Although Iron Maiden are best known for their hard rock numbers like the seminal 1982 metal legend Hallowed be Thy Name, they have also given the sentimental Coming home. And even today Maiden have not resorted to become a nostalgia act delivering older hits but have worked consistently bringing out a ton of new material each time they tour.

We will ride this Thunderbird…

Fame is often the undoing of creativity, but Iron Maiden have ridden this thunderbird casting silver shadows but never letting the fame and the glamour get to their head. The band’s low profile is no marker of their success.

They have constantly reinvented themselves with new blood and their prolific touring made sure that they have always also been in touch with those that matter the most – their fans.

They took risks, they took criticism, they try to stay true to themselves and therefore they stay relevant. They have been known to enthral their audience with a larger than, life yet intimate concert experience very often preferring to strip down to the basics, skipping the fanfare and focussing on quintessential rock and folk story telling.

Exceptional fans

Even the average Iron Maiden fan is not what you expect a Heavy Metal fan to be like. The Iron Maiden fan is a true loyal, duly appearing in Iron Maiden merchandise at each concert with due reverence and undivided adulation for these greats.

For these fans there is nothing excessive about appearing en masse in a veritable display of their Iron Maiden vintage T shirts for the concert and drowning out even the voices of the band while devotedly belting out the lyrics in chorus.

Perhaps Eddie is the true embodiment of both the star and the fan. It is not hard to see why the fans are mad about Eddie.

And so is their craze for Iron Maiden merchandise products. They identify with the band strongly enough to find true expression of their beliefs not just in the band’s music, but also its band merchandise.

Are you too one of the loyalists to the Maiden cult?

Should have known- but it is not too late to show you where to get the 10 best Iron Maiden merchandise for your collection, not just to gloat over, but to revel in –

1. Iron Maiden T Shirt Number of the Beast Grey Tone Band Logo Men’s Black: The commemorative T shirt for their best song on their seminal album is a must have if you pick merchandise by its true cultural value and not merely appearance.

2. Iron Maiden Eddie Evolution Women’s Black Skinny Fit Vest Top: Something about an Iron Maiden vest makes it at once a flirty and formidable garment. Pair it with shorts for a hot summer appearance.

3. Iron Maiden T Shirt Eddie Beast of York Liberty logo Men’s Black: With a death grip on the Statue of Liberty the iconic Iron Maiden mascot has been immortalised in the tee as the redeemer of injustice and all injustice done in the name of liberty.

4. Iron Maiden T Shirt Piece Of Mind Eddie Skull band logo men’s black: This Iron Maiden tee features Eddie's chained Skull artwork from their album Peace of Mind and band's iconic logo on the front. Eddie is one sure-fire eyecatcher, isn’t he now?

5. Iron Maiden Stud Earrings Piece Of Mind Eddie Band Logo Metallic: You can wear one or both of these Eddie skulls to flaunt some Maiden love. Whether you are a bad boy or bad girl playing it fair, this pick from the iron maiden accessories will surely amp up your metal head look.

6. Iron Maiden T Shirt Book of Souls Eddie Exploding Head Men’s Black: Another great pick, is this tee based on the 2016 double album of the band that got the Album of the Year award at the 2015 Classic Rock, Roll of Honour Awards. The glowing eyes and ironic sidelong grimace of Eddie on a black background with the band’s name in their signature font is the perfect black rock tee for all occasions.

7. Iron Maiden Wristband classic band Logo Alchemy Black Leather: Another perfect pick for metal heads is this classic leather bracelet with the band’s name in their signature font. If this becomes a part of your look, you will soon find that you can’t leave home without it.

8. Iron Maiden T Shirt Power slave Album Cover Band Logo Men’s Grey: This Ultimate classic rock offering in the form of the band’s fifth studio album Power Slave came out in 1984. The commemorative iron maiden merch tee is a must-have for a regular maiden fan.

9. Iron Maiden T Shirt The Trooper Red Sky Women’s Skinny Fit Black: The trooper from the bands fourth album, Piece of Mind, is featured on this Iron Maiden women’s T shirt. The black tee with the somewhat menacing demeanour of the trooper claiming, “You'll take my life, but I'll take yours too”, is hard to pass over as a classic rock tee.

10. Iron Maiden Hoodie You'll take my life, but I'll take yours too Trooper scuffed logo Black Zipped: A must have hoodie for those in the Iron Maiden gang, also commemorative of the fourth album has undeniable vintage feel. Pick this one for a chilly day style.

Any of these picks is a great choice – Don’t think too much and just dive into the Maiden Cult with an Iron Maiden merchandise pick form Paradiso Clothing.

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