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Posted by Paradiso Clothing on
2nd Jan 2019
Hello! Happy New Year to you all.So we're into 2019 now, and we've got a great way to get the year started as well as possible. We're giving you 15% off everything: band merch, pop culture and gaming. … read more
Posted by Paradiso Clothing on
29th Nov 2018
There's always a place for metal at our metaphorical Christmas dinner table. Especially if it's Iron Maiden! We love Maiden and we know you do too. So, to get into the Christmas spirit a tad earl … read more
Posted by Paradiso Clothing on
20th Nov 2018
You know us. We love ourselves some Iron Maiden! The music, the personalities, and hey. The merch isn't too bad either!Maiden has been one of our biggest collections since we started 5 years ago, and … read more
Posted by Paradiso Clothing on
7th Nov 2018
The last trip to the British Isles. Slayer are in the middle of their final UK tour, and although it's sad to see them go, their tour line up is stacked! We are severely jealous of anyone that is goin … read more
Posted by Paradiso Clothing on
1st Nov 2018
FEARLESS LIVES FOREVER.The hype around 'Bohemian Rhapsody' could be felt everywhere, and why wouldn't it? After all, it's a biopic about arguably the greatest frontman in the history of rock music. Th … read more